• Team Lead/Manager
  • Cell Design, development and engineering
  • Material design and engineering
  • Manage External Research Collaborations
  • Formulation and Implementation of Dysons Battery Research Strategy
  • Formulation and ownership of Concept specifications for Dysons  Li-ion cells
  • Ownership of Dyson Internal Battery Research and commercial cell Roadmaps

Managed and built a multidisciplinary batteries team (from 0 – 12 in 2 years), and state of the art R&D and prototyping facility at Dyson.


Pioneer of Dysons battery capability.


Delivery of a high power 18650 (> 6 minutes discharge) cell with >10% better performance than commercial state of the art for cordless vacuum cleaners.


In addition to acting as technical lead, my role involved defining the cell specification, materials (active and passive components) and electrode parameters to address the target cell performance.


Through my network of contacts and knowledge of the field, sourced the materials and engaged with suppliers and material developer to procure. I supported electrode and cell design, engineering and development as well as prototyping and cell modelling / simulation activities.


I defined the test protocol to validate cell performance (qualification for performance and safety). I devised a strategy for understanding and reducing the internal resistance (DCIR) to enable the high power performance for the cells.


I set-up and managed external battery research programmes with leading UK Universities to develop next generation anode and cathode materials for lithium batteries and the next generation Magnesium battery technology.


I wrote the research programmes for both collaborative efforts.  Worked with senior directors to formulate and implement Dysons battery research strategy. Consultant - providing advice to senior management on the acquisition of novel battery technologies. Led due diligence activities. Identified new business opportunities via tech. watch and scouting activities.




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