Professor Peter Bruce – University of Oxford (world leading battery expert, pioneered polymer electrolytes, advances in Li-air technology and understanding of 3rd generation lithium battery cathode materials)


Professor John Owen – Southampton University (renowned lithium battery expert)


Professor Jeff Dahn - Dalhousie University (world leading lithium batteries expert)


Professor Doron Aurbach Bar - Ilan University (world leading lithium batteries expert, pioneered Mg-ion batteries)


Professor Mike Thackeray – Argonne National Labs (Pioneered next generation lithium battery cathode materials)


Professor Clare Grey – Cambridge University

  • Sony (cell developer and supplier)
  • Sanyo (cell developer and supplier)
  • Samsung(cell developer and supplier)
  • LG (cell developer and supplier)
  • TODA (Li-ion cathode Developer)
  • Panasonic(cell developer and supplier)
  • Molicel (cell developer and supplier)
  • Hitachi Maxell(cell developer and supplier)
  • CAMX Power(Li-ion cathode Developer)
  • Argonne University(Li-ion cathode Developer)
  • 3M(Li-ion cathode Developer and supplier)
  • XG Science (Li-ion anode Developer)
  • LF&M(Li-ion cathode Developer and supplier)
  • Nichia(Li-ion cathode Developer)
  • Nexeon
  • Axeon / Johnson Matthey

I have published a number of patents and publications in key journals.


These are available on request.

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